Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 31 December 2018
From Douglas Gray


I believe that the proposed plans will have an irreversible negative impact on Northamptonshire for several reasons.

1. Infrastructure - there is insufficient investment proposed into the supporting infrastructure to allow it to cope with the increase in flow in traffic density. The M1 between junction 14 and 15 is already inadequate the increased volume of traffic caused will undoubtedly increase the number of accidents and severe delays in the area.

2. Community - there will be a significant human impact unfairly lumped upon those living in local villages including Milton Malsor and Blisworth.

3. Conservation of historic villages - again the villages of Blisworth, Milton Malsor, and indeed a number of others proximate to those will be irrevocably tarnished by the increase in flow of HGVs in particular.

4. There is also a broader environmental impact caused by insufficient waste disposal capability to manage the increased waste and pollution caused as a bi-product of the increased rail routing.

I believe that the benefits have been unfairly taken represented against the full extent of the adverse impacts that would be caused. I would well want to see an more detailed social and environmental impact analysis to hold in balance against the proposed business case