Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 29 December 2018
From Stephen Roasblade


1. Three applications for rail distribution depots within this part of the system is excessive with this planning application being falsely represented. We already have Daventry DRIFT 1,2, 3 and a planned 4.

2. It will cripple the Northampton line with “slow” trains crossing and entering these Warehousing projects. Most of the trains will come from the east coast via north London. Is the capacity there for four incoming trains a day let alone 16 and extra planned passenger trains? Platform length may not be suitable for future growth and can the trains really come in and leave the site at 40 mph so not to cause disruption? It is planned to operated most rail traffic in the working day which cannot be a good idea. This will create a rail choke point at completely the wrong point on the line. Forward planning by Nation Rail is a bit vague at the moment with HS 2 and seems at a very early phase. Acceptance regarding this application will be short sighted at this stage.

3. The loop line is backup for fast line maintenance but not the other way around which will put it out of action for long period. A place is need where the full four lines are available from both directions

4. More air pollution due to slow traffic with an overloaded infrastructure that will choke us all to death with small and large particulates on the windward side. There is also light and noise and water issues. This will encourage more local road traffic with the M1/ A43 /A45/ A508 blocked most days.

5. Suitable workers and public transport is in short supply around here and it could do with a passenger train station to make it feasible.

6. And more to come out in the wash such as application appeals at cost to HMG.