Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 29 December 2018
From Felicity North


I am opposed to this project on the grounds of :
• Excessive pollution, light, air and noise.
• The fact that the developers are using a loophole of a National Strategic Rail Freight Interchange to by-pass local planning when there is no proven capacity for such rail freight now or in the near future.
• The destruction of countryside which is providing a barrier for the existing high levels of pollution from the M1.
• There are very high levels of employment in the area and the existing Interchange at Daventry is having problems recruiting sufficient staff.
• The area has an enormous number of empty warehouses already and there is no guarantee that the huge area proposed will be any easier to fill.

The area around Blisworth is rural England at its best but it is already subject to high levels of pollution due to the many and varied types of haulage vehicles using the M1 and other roads in the area. Almost every day there is a problem on the Motorway resulting in unsuitable traffic through our village and others nearby.
No amount of mitigation can adequately compensate for the loss of the countryside and the huge impact on the lives of everyone in the area but particularly the residents of Blisworth and Milton Malsor.