Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 29 December 2018
From Martin Entwistle


Dear Sir/Madam,
My principle objection is that a rail freight terminal is simply not needed in Northamptonshire. This is a blatant attempt by a land owner to make money by taking advantage of the government policy on SRFI’s. They have given no consideration to whether their proposal actually delivers against the governments intentions.

Rail Central themselves describe this land as ‘being of strategic importance due to its location’ but that is only true if you envisage it being occupied by companies who want national distribution centres (NDC’s) in the centre of the country. In this model freight would arrive from the continent by rail and would then be moved by road to where it is actually needed. Adding more NDC’s in the centre of the country will not therefore save road miles, it will add them.

Delivering fewer road miles requires SRFI’s located close to the populations that they are intended to serve. Northamptonshire and surrounding counties already have DIRFT in nearby Daventry and do not therefore need another SRFI.

Given the impact on local communities would be horrendous I believe this application should be thrown out at the first hurdle.

Kind regards
Martin Entwistle