Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 28 December 2018
From Mrs Mary Elisabeth Lewis


I wish to object to the proposed development on the following grounds:

1. The proposed development site is between two attractive villages, Blisworth and Milton Malsor, and will destroy all of the natural countryside between them. It will blight both villages and the scheme offers very little in return. When viewed on a map, the development is seen to be so large that it almost dwarfs the villages. There is also no major infrastructure development to alleviate the resulting traffic increase.
2. There is already a SFRI some 18 miles north at DIRFT and this will not reach capacity for a number of years. It is more than adequate to supply the needs of the area both now and in the foreseeable future.
3. The developers have failed to show that air pollution, already a problem, will further deteriorate. The site is low lying and where the A43 and M1 motorway intersect, there are already serious traffic issues, especially when there has been an accident.
4. This development is predicated on the ability to transfer goods from rail to road. However, the rail networks are extremely busy and no confirmation has ever been given as to the capacity available.
5. The developers quote figures for suggested increase in employment but Northampton already has nearly full employment and the jobs created would be largely unskilled.

The application is not in response to a national strategy but is really a developer led application attempting to bypass the local planning process by use of the NSIP process. Indeed there has been some cynical use of the NSIP process to obtain consent only for the rail connection to be abandoned and the site adapted to warehousing only.

Furthermore this is in addition to a similar scheme being put forward by Roxhill Ltd for a 5 million sq ft warehouse and rail interchange adjacent to Junction 15 of the M1 motorway.