Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 24 December 2018
From Zoe Closier


I object to Rail Central Building warehouses on what is currently mainly farmland.

As a dog walker I am very concerned about the diversions that are being proposed to the footpaths that run through the countryside around the villages of Roade, Blisworth and Milton Malsor. I have read through the 'Public Rights of Way Strategy' (doc 7.6) produced by Rail Central and consider that this is misleading as it fails to mention the footpath along Barn Lane (KX15) that goes towards the Courtenhall Road and onto the village of Roade.

This is a key route and the suggested diverted route for this, found on the rights of way plans, is frankly, totally useless as it is muchlonger than the current route, would require two additional high bridges over the railway and would run alongside the railway lines for almost all its length. This would make it noisy and the view would be of Network Rails high grey railings.

It is also a complete nonsense to suggest that the diversion of the Blisworth to Milton Malsor footpath (KX13) should be diverted mainly along the Northampton Road. There is already a footpath along this road and is no use for walking a dog as it is very busy with traffic, very noisy and polluted with traffic fumes.

I believe that Rail Central are trying to mislead the planning inspectors into thinking that they have provided suitable alternative routes. They certainly have not,the proposed changes are totally useless for recreational or dog walking purposes.