Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 23 December 2018
From Trevor Pinfold


I object to this development for the following reasons.

1 There will be a vast increase in traffic on all roads in the area. The M1 is already overloaded at this point. It is obviously expected that traffic on the A34 will be significantly increased as evidenced by the proposed alterations at M1 junction 15A.

2 There has been no strategic proof that a Rail Freight Interchange is needed at this location as DIRFT is only 18 miles away on the same railway line and is far from operating at full capacity. This implies that this is a speculative warehouse development thinly disguised as a strategic requirement, since there is no compulsion for operators to actually use the rail access.

3 As there is no major unemployment problem in the area and there are allegedly 7500 potential jobs on the site, the workforce will need to travel from some distance by whatever route suits them. This has the makings of an unacceptable amount of traffic throughout the area.
Alternatively, this could lead to a demand for more housing in the area.

4 Should the development be used to the full, with rail access, it has the possibility of causing a reduction of passenger services to and from Northampton on the Northampton loop. There is also little space available on the West Coat Main Line which must be used for access to the Northampton loop, especially as there is already an application for Northampton Gateway using the same rail line.

5 With a proposed 24/7 operation both light and noise pollution is unavoidable. Similarly, air pollution is unavoidable. There is already a problem with pollution along M1 between junctions 15 and 15A. This pollution will not be confined to the immediate locality.

6 At present, the M1 is frequently blocked in this area and consequently there is a considerable increase in traffic through Blisworth. Should this development go ahead and coupled with the possibility of the already applied for similar development “Northampton Gateway”, the frequency of M1 blockages will increase significantly. This will have a knock on effect on our village. We live on the High Street so we will bear the full brunt of any increased traffic.

7 This is an unacceptable loss of good productive farmland and will also have an impact on wild life.

8 The whole development is contrary to the West Northamptonshire Joint Plan whose whole object was to determine the best way forward for the area. This is not the best way forward.

9 Blisworth has hitherto been a rural village separated from Northampton by open countryside. Should this development go ahead, the journey from the village to the town will no longer be through fields but through an enormous industrial estate. I consider this a reduction in the quality of our lives.

10 There would be no possible way of mitigating the intrusion on the countryside and I can easily see house prices severely eroded in the area if this plan goes ahead.