Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 20 December 2018
From Keith R Whitburn


There has been little consideration to the access and egress of the Villages along the A508 from junction 15 of the M1 to Stony Stratford.

There has been no indication as to whether the SRF Interchange will store nuclear, bio-harzard or chemical weapons materials.

The proposed security fences around the SRFI warehouses do not appear strong enough to repel a terrorist attack or criminals seeking to break into the site.

There has been no consideration as to the traffic problems the SRFI will have on the M1 at junctions 16, 15a, 15 and 14 in both directions or the A45 crossing the M1 junction 15 on to the A508.