Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 18 December 2018
From West Hunsbury Parish Council


West Hunsbury Parish Council objects to the proposed Rail Central development. Our County is already blighted by huge warehousing which provides relatively little employment and West Hunsbury Parish Council would prefer to see priority given to higher skilled employment within the area. We also understand that the DIRFT facility which is only 18 miles away is running under capacity and there is speculative warehousing elsewhere in the area which is fully built and stands un-occupied.

Our main trunk roads M1/A45 are badly congested to the point of vehicles finding "rat runs" through residential areas such as West Hunsbury to avoid the queues and everyday hold ups. Pressure on these key routes is predicted to grow further because of new developments already planned and approved.
The agricultural area under threat is currently in full production and home to a variety of wildlife habitats.
There is no capacity on the West Coast mainline so this is just speculative mass warehousing led by the desire to cash in on the prime location for links to the main roads network. We suggest that most movements will be by road with very little by rails thus not adhering to central government policy. In order to ensure that freight is removed from the road then West Hunsbury Parish Council would suggest that the application needs to be considered after HS2 is built and capacity is know/tested.

If this application is permitted then West Hunsbury Parish Council would ask the Inspectorate to ensure that the development includes many wildlife refuges and areas, natural pathways and vehicle controls such as electric shunters rather than diesel. The priority also needs to be that the junction layouts and road links ensure that at all times HGV flow is maximised so to prevent increased issues for local traffic. We also ask that diversion routes avoid residential areas such as West Hunsbury.