Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 16 December 2018
From Mrs Ruth Hazelgrove


“I have lived in Blisworth for over 20 years, moving from Northampton to escape the pollution, noise, traffic and crime levels to enjoy the peace and quiet of village life. It was a very wise decision for the growing family and I have remained here ever since. I have a dog and belong to the Ramblers' Association, making the most of what the wonderful countryside has to offer. Therefore I have several, personal objections to this potential development, only a few of which I will be able to cite now.

I, like most, have a busy life. It is therefore so important to me, to be able to quickly and easily access fields and appreciate the wonderful surroundings of Blisworth village, including the views and wildlife. It really improves my quality of life and I am sure of everyone who lives here. I cannot believe that a development could be allowed that would ruin this precious landscape and environment, not just because of the actual sight of the warehouses and lorries, but due to the increase in noise, light and pollution that they would cause. It is also believed that over 500 acres of essential farmland would be lost, let alone the irrepairable loss to our wonderful wildlife.

I have to travel regularly on the M1, just to the Rugby area. Yet even within that short distance, there is already DIRFT, which according to my information is not working nearly to capacity anyway. How therefore can it be considered necessary to build another similar development so close to that. In addition, according to statistics received, there has also been a very worrying rise in crime level around that area, increasing by well over 150%. I certainly do not wish that to happen where I live!

Another issue with this development stems from the fact that I already regularly face major problems around Northampton's junctions because of the amount of traffic, whatever time of day and then have to deal with trying to actually access Blisworth village itself. How ever can an increase in lorries be supported by an already overstretched and unsuitable road network, let alone the increase in workers' traffic, as Northamptonshire does not have the available labour for such a massive development and workers will have to travel in to this area from many miles around?

Obviously there are many, many more reasons why this is such an inappropriate planning application. As someone who specifically moved to Blisworth to enjoy the countryside and village life, not be engulfed by warehouses, lorry parks, an increase in crime, pollution, noise and even more severe transport issues, I am sure you will fully understand why I am objecting so strongly to it. In fact, it is hard indeed to contemplate that any one looking even objectively at this potential development could consider it at all suitable or in any way necessary for either the local community or the country as a whole.”