Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 14 December 2018
From Christine Larkins


I strongly object to the Ashfield Land/Gazeley application.

We moved to Milton Malsor in 2010, it is a very idyllic countryside location, very convenient for retail therapy and within easy reach of Northampton and Milton Keynes. Having recently retired we, along with all villagers here, are looking forward to enjoying the area for many years to come.

Bearing in mind the location, how is possible for developers to consider it is acceptable to build a large scale industrial development in the middle of a rural area, particularly right on the doorstep of adjacent villages, the whole surrounding area is residential.

The application for planning permission to build another SRFI here appears to me to lack logic and common sense because any requirement for additional rail freight space is already approved at Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT).

DIRFT already has a planning approval to build phase three allowing it to expand until 2031.

I have real concerns about the large increase of HGVs in the area, the M1 is so congested in Northamptonshire that we have experienced on numerous occasions severe traffic congestion in the area when motorway traffic is diverted off onto local roads, yet the Ashfield Land/Gazeley would, without motorway traffic, give the potential to create unprecedented chaos.

Also, I am seriously concerned about the effect of the numerous causes of pollution, air through exhaust fumes- noise and light pollution from 24/7 continuous operations on the site. The Ashfield Land/Gazeley application is for a 24/7 operation, all this on the doorstep of residential areas, surely this application has to be refused.

Air pollution is a growing national issue, whilst this is equally important to me so is the light and noise pollution, which is potentially horrendous, the movement of containers, railway shunting loading and offloading of materials, HGV reversing sirens, noise like this travels a long way.

I am also saddened by the thought of the loss of countryside, wildlife, footpaths, and open space. The proposed development is totally out of keeping for a predominately rural and residential area.

Furthermore: -
1) This Ashfield Land/Gazeley Rail Central proposal is contrary to the West Northants Joint Core Strategy (WNJCS) formally adopted in December 2014. The WNJCS is the foundation for all planning policy in the area until 2029.
2) The WNJCS was considered by an independent planning inspector appointed by the Planning Inspectorate, as part of the Examination in Public hearings held in April/May 2013 and March 2014. The inspector`s report issued in October 2014 concludes there is no need for any new strategic employment sites in open countryside, as there is enough land allocated in the WNJCS for this purpose, on junctions 16 & 18 on the M1

I strongly object to this Ashfield Land/Gazeley application and trust that for reasons stated above that this application for planning permission will be refused.