Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 14 December 2018
From Emma Closier


I am writing in order to object to the building of these massive warehouses on what is currently open countryside and excellent walking country.

Firstly, my family and I really enjoy long walks with our dog, there are many footpaths around the Blisworth and Milton Malsor area and it seems to me that the Rail Central plans would completely destroy the ability to use these. The footpath from Milton Malsor to Blisworth via Barn Lane is a source of recreation and currently provides very attractive views over open countryside. It is also very safe for dog walking as there is no traffic for almost the entire route and only the very occasional car near the plant nursery. The proposed diversion only goes half way between the two villages, nowhere near its existing start/end points, and ends on a main road which one would have to cross in order to get to an existing path. Nobody walking dogs would use this route due to the noise, pollution and danger from traffic. Presumably the law does not allow a developer to close and destroy an existing right of way without providing a similar usable route.

Secondly, as a biology student, I take an interest in all living things and I can say that I have seen many important trees and hedgerows in the area of the proposed warehouse site and to destroy these would deprive future generations of an important part of our heritage.