Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

The views expressed in this page do not represent those of the Planning Inspectorate. This page consists of content submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by the public and other interested parties, giving their views of this proposal.

Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 13 December 2018
From Peter Anderson


I strongly object to this proposal. I previously lived in Milton Malsor for 28 years before moving the short distance to Bugbrooke but visit my father who still lives in Milton on a regular basis.

My work involves travelling to Blisworth and Roade both villages affected by the proposal and at times even now traffic flow is extremely busy through these villages. The significant increase in HGV movements and increased emissions will make life unbearable for residents, with extra traffic flow having a knock on affect on Bugbrooke as well.

I also strongly object to this proposal as it is contrary to the West Northants Joint Core Strategy (WNJCS). There is no Policy or evidence in the WNJCS to suggest the need for SRFI on land in open countryside between Blisworth and Milton Malsor. However if the need for an SRFI is identified in the WNJCS then there is the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) on junction 18 on the M1 where planning permission has been granted for logistics space and for a new rail terminal, Therefore there is no requirement for the proposed Rail Central SRFI.