Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 12 December 2018
From Caroline Taylor


The roads are already gridlocked in rush hour if there is even a minor RTA. On a good day the traffic is always at a crawling pace on the main roads. I have to take to the minor back roads to halve my commute time, which really affects the small villages and the wear and tear on my car and the roads.

I cycle to work the 10 miles in the months when there is daylight to cut down on pollution and traffic congestion. More traffic on these minor roads puts cyclists off, example being a bad accident in Milton Malsor this autumn involving a cyclist which needed the ambulance services and many hours of NHS care too.

I am also worried about house prices too as who is going to want to live in a high congestion area?