Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 12 December 2018
From Samuel Hogben


I am completely against this and any plan to turn this area into a rail depot.
The area for the proposed is made up of country side and small developments which gives a welcome break from the busy M1 and A43 nearby. It is lovely to walk and cycle through and this would all be lost if this depot was built. There are already severe traffic congestion issues at peak times and adding hundreds of lorries coming in and out would make it unusable. The junction 16-14 stretch of the M1 is notorious for congestion and incidents and simply cannot cope with the addition of all the lorries which would travel to and from the proposed site.

The area is close to nearby schools and nurseries which will be affected by air pollution from the extra traffic and the local roads would also be damaged by heavy lorries. The existing road infrastructure cannot cope with the proposed development. There would be noise 24/7 and this would be heard from all the surrounding areas.

There is already a rail depot by just 5 junctions north up the M1 so I do not understand why another so close by is needed.

I strongly object to the proposed development for the above reasons.