Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 11 December 2018
From Tamasine Thompson


Rail Central is unnecessary in my opinion and would have little or no benefit to logistics, the locale, the region or the country as a whole. DIRFT is easily accessible right now, close to the M1 with no need for added congestion on the A43. If this were to go ahead - even in part - the local roads will become congested by staff, and impassable by vehicles trying to access this site when the A43 is congested – which is likely to be a lot of the time. We need proper data to support what Rail Central are trying to do, and realistically how it will impact the local landscape and communities. Also, the Stop Rail Central site states: over half the site cannot be served by rail due to its bisection by the Northampton to Towcester Road. So this application must be denied to allow current residents and business to move around

I fully agree with the Stop Rail Central statement: “The impact of this scheme on the local villages and their communities will be both huge and permanent and no amount of mitigation can change this. The activities of rail freight interchanges produce air, light and noise pollution, the effects of which CANNOT be adequately mitigated especially with two villages in such close proximity” “Rail Central is only the start. Granting of permission for this development will inevitably lead to further applications for housing and associated amenities leading to further unwanted development and loss of precious countryside and rural communities”

Stop this development and instead make proper use of existing infrastructure