Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 11 December 2018
From Martine Lunch


I am writing to object most strongly to the proposed Rail Freight Terminal between Blisworth and Milton Malsor.

I moved to Milton Malsor with my husband and family 38 years ago. We have lived in the village longer than in any other location since we were married in 1968 and have a deep affection for the village, its people and the lovely countryside surrounding us.
We drive frequently to Blisworth, for example to the Doctor's surgery or the Post Office and have, in recent months, been looking with increasing dismay at the fields between the two villages that are the subject of this proposal. It is inconceivable that such lovely countryside should be abandoned to ugly warehouses (as in many other locations in the County) for such dubious and illusory reasons as are put forward by the Developers.

Apart from the beauty of the countryside that is in jeopardy, the lovely walks that could be lost and the wild life that would suffer, all in the cause of profiteering land grabbing, there are very real worries about the future were this plan to go ahead:

- the harm to the environment and to individuals from some 22,000 additional vehicle movements a day, at least 1/3 of them involving HGVs with diesel engines. The Air Pollution will be critically serious, particularly for older residents, children and those with respiratory problems. Nitric Oxide and Diesel particulates are becoming a national issue and should be a top priority for the Inspectors.

- further harm to the environment and individuals from the substantial increase in congestion on the local roads. On frequent occasions, such as major problems on the M1, the road from Milton Malsor to Blisworth comes to a standstill from the railway bridge into the village and delays of 30 minutes can occur to get through Blisworth. This will be nothing compared to the turmoil that will be commonplace should this appalling Interchange project be allowed to proceed.

- Light and noise pollution from the 24 hour terminal will make our gentle countryside location a living hell. The effect on the local populations, old and young, will be devastating.

These human issues are what keep me awake a night. But behind them is a very practical issue which should have put a stop to all this many months ago; the proposed terminal is not needed! It is a vastly expensive real estate deal which conveniently ignores the reality of the situation; that a huge and very efficient Rail Freight Terminal is operating at roughly half capacity just 18 miles to the north, twenty minutes up the motorway. DIRFT has enormous capacity and has permission to expand. It is on the same railway line as the proposed Rail Central Interchange. Nothing will be gained by building a vastly expensive new facility here, but an enormous amount will be lost.

I therefore repeat my objection to this entirely unworthy plan and hope that it will be refused within the shortest possible delay.