Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 10 December 2018
From Ella Georgina Redding


I object to Rail Central.

The Applicant states in their Environmental Report [27.155] ‘Overall, no significant residual effects are anticipated in relation to population and health’

In the three years since the proposal became public knowledge, those that stand to lose most have been put under an incredible stress that has already seriously impacted their mental, as well as physical, wellbeing. A number of those affected are elderly and particularly vulnerable members of our community. With at least another year to go before resolution, the stress levels already experienced will only intensify. If the development does proceed then the air, noise and light issues will add further to the overall health impacts.

The owners of Rathvilly Farm and Flowercraft stand to lose their homes and businesses when they are compulsorily purchased. The elderly residents of Willow Lodge and Deveron House will be surrounded on all sides by massive warehouses, an underpass and a bus station.

Railway Cottages is a residence of 12 terraced cottages dating from the mid 1800’s. 25 people inhabit these cottages, a mixture of young and old, some of whom are second generation residents. The members of this small community will be faced with either living next to a construction site for the next 10 years and industrial park for evermore or moving from their homes and community and suffering financial hardship as a consequence.

There are 16 properties located wholly within the boundary of the site, a further six properties that will share a boundary with the development and 33 houses whose rural views from either the front or rear of their properties will be replaced with views of an industrial landscape.

Blisworth Arm and the adjacent Grand Union canal are Conservation areas and home to 14 residents. Numerous boaters live in the two adjacent marinas and along the cut taking the number of permanent residents up to around 40-50. The proposal would see them living in the shadow of a massive grade separated junction with 24 hour traffic movements, light, noise and air pollution.

There are circa 3,000 residents in the villages of Milton Malsor and Blisworth who will not be able to escape the ever-present environmental, social and visual impacts of Rail Central. The impacts will extend far beyond these villages.

The above impacts need to be considered in the context of the National Policy statement which stipulates:

NPS [2.53] ‘The Government's vision for transport is for a low carbon sustainable transport system that is an engine for economic growth, but is also safer and improves the quality of life in our communities’.

NPS [3.3] ‘In delivering new schemes, the Government expects applicants to avoid and mitigate environmental and social impacts … deliver environmental and social benefits as part of schemes.

NPS [4.79] ‘National road and rail networks and strategic rail freight interchanges have the potential to affect the health, well-being and quality of life of the population. They can have direct impacts on health because of traffic, noise, vibration, air quality and emissions, light pollution, community severance, dust, odour, polluting water, hazardous waste and pests’.

That the Applicant has the gall to state that “no residual effects are anticipated” beggars belief.