Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 10 December 2018
From Mrs Sandra O'Connor


Light and noise pollution - minor irritation - Our planning restrictions when we built the scout hall included no floodlights the reason given it would disturb Milton Malzor residents. When doing the presentation for the scout hall project I was asked by councillors about possible noise if we held large gatherings. These plans will affect both villages with light and noise.

Our scouting programme uses the area and views towards Milton Malzor to watch the Buzzards, Kites and wildlife in their natural environment as well as being an ideal spot for star gazing and introducing astronomy to our young people, this will diminish if plans go ahead. (light and noise pollution day and night)

Scouting uses the area overlooking proposed sight to introduce sleepovers and camping, to sleep outdoors in the dark is a steep learning curve for particularly our younger members, to use an area close to home that they know and understand is extremely useful. This learning experience will also be diminished as our site overlooks proposed development.(light and noise pollution)

The footpaths that presently run across proposed site are used regularly by all scout sections, not only helping the young people to understand the natural environment and how to care for it but being safe, walking on fields and open countryside without traffic and away from populated areas. The proposed redirection of the footpath between Blisworth and Milton Malzor will be longer which may impact on the younger sections and is sandwiched between the road and the railcentral development, eliminating some learning experiences for the youngsters and presenting other risk factors to be taken into consideration. (Environmental, Personal Safety)

The proposed plans do include areas such as pocket parks and wildlife zones but all are positioned further away from Scout headquarters closer to the A43 and Junction 15a of the M1 . To use these areas would necessitate transporting youngsters or walking to the sites adding to time and safety restraints.

Development operating 24 hours would mean increase of personnel in and around site having an impact on a very rural group where the safety of our young people is paramount.