Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 09 December 2018
From Jill Hope


I object to this proposed development. The main reasons for my objection are as follows:

1. There is absolutely NO hard evidence that Network Rail will allow access to the line for the modular interchange at this location. I believe that this is a cynical attempt to bypass local planning laws, and build a massive warehouse park in open countryside. Once it is established that no modal shift is possible, the developer will say 'what a pity, we'll just have to use it as an industrial park instead'.
2.Unemployment is very low in this area, we don't need low-skilled jobs. Most of the workers will have to commute which will add to traffic problems in small villages not remotely suitable for this type of traffic.
3. The pollution from the M1 in this area is significant already, with a high incidence of asthma among primary school children, especially along the line of the prevailing wind from the M1 towards Northampton. Adding this massive industrial park and increasing the traffic around Junction 15 weill make this problem even worse.
4. We already have a modal shift hub at DIRFT in nearby Rugby, and there are other very large industrial developments happening at Junction 16 and in Silverstone, both close by and provided for in the Joint Core Strategy. If there is a need for modal shift developments, they should be spread out across the UK not clustered in one place. That goes against the basic intention of these sites, and the Planning Inspectorate as the Strategic Authority should ensure that they are dispersed throughout the UK.
5. This is an attractive, quiet rural area with historic footpaths and small, unspoilt villages. This development will completely swamp these villages. A development like this should be positioned on land well away from existing dwellings and on industrial, brownfield land, not on fertile greenfield farmland current in use for both arable crops, sheep and cattle.
6. The noise and light pollution will destroy the harmony of all the surrounding villages. There will be heavy industrial equipment in use 24/7 with bright industrial lights. The noise of the cranes will carry across all the open countryside and will not only wreck lives in the immediate vicinity but further afield. We will be listening to HGV reversing alarms instead of the current noise of owls hunting in the orchard at night.