Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 09 December 2018
From James Wood


I will be objecting to this proposal, on the following grounds:

There is no strategic need for this development, due to the proximity of DIRFT, and other developments already in the Midlands area. SRFIs are supposed to be spread through the regions, not all concentrated in one area. This goes against Government guidelines.

The local road network will not be able to cope with the extra traffic generated by this development. The local roads are already close to breaking point whenever there is an indcident on the M1, A43 or A508. Stressed modellling has not been undertaken by the developers, which is a huge oversight.

The loss of farmland and countryside will be incalculable for future generations.

The impact of noise, light and in particular, air pollution on the local area. Air pollution is already very high in this area.

The development is purely speculative, as there is no requirement for another SRFI in this area.

There is not a large enough local labour pool for the development, meaning that any workers would have to travel further to reach the site, negating any supposed carbon offsetting.