Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 03 December 2018
From Tom McManus



in my opinion there is no strategic element to the proposal and it is just a ploy to circumvent normal planning procedures. This applicant has tried, unsuccessfully, in the past to obtain planning permission for this site and but labelling this proposal as an SRFI they are hoping to cash in the value of the land. In addition to this I would like to make the following points.
There is another similar application being looked at and neither applicant seems to have done any meaningful cumulative impact assessment.
There is a fully functioning road rail infrastructure only a few miles away at Crick which has spare capacity for at least ten years.
The local road system is running at a.most full capacity before at present and addition traffic quoted for this plan would cause major disruption.
We live in a sheltered housing area which would be only a few metres from the sight. Many of the redidents suffer from COPD and my wife suffers from [Redacted] a life limiting lung complaint. The deterioration in air quality, light pollution and the noise from this site would have a major negative impact on her life and the life of others suffering from lung complaints.
To be perfectly clear, I fully support the government's aim to move freight from the roads to the rail network and if I thought that this proposal would achieve thismImwould support it but I firmly believe that this is not going to be the case, indeed there is not even any assurance from Network Rail that there will even be enough spare rail,capacity to service the plan. I fear that, if it goes ahead, it will be a road based warehouse network, which entirely contradicts the government's stated aims.