Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 30 November 2018
From Simon Duggleby


i am concerned about the proposed development and its impact on the local community and my way of life in the area. We moved away from MK for a similar reason due to the widespread construction of warehousing where we lived and were looking for a more rural and peaceful setting.

Noise - the round the clock increase in noise of trains, warehouses and the coming and goings of a significant volume of trucks and and workers travelling to the site. Not to mention the sound of the trains unloading and the cranes and containers. I feel the low level bunding proposed is not sufficient to to mask the noise and i have not seen any documentation regarding to managing the noise of the warehouses themselves from air handling units.

Light pollution - It is peaceful and dark at night and the impact of a hazy yellow glow will have on the bat population and enjoying the night sky will be negative.

The potential for scope creep, once the precedent has been set around this development it will lead to other warehousing being allowed.

The loss of green countryside.The scale of this development will destroy acres of farm land and natural habitats.

Traffic - Blisworth high street is already used as a cut through between the A43 and the M1 and with the volume of traffic increase outlined it will be noisy and the rumblings of HGVs through the village will cause damage to my house.

Thank you,