Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 22 July 2018
From Caroline Ewin


I strongly object to this application as it will cause further exacerbation of the problems already being experienced in this part of Northampton.
Northamptonshire already has many warehouse developments, all of which cause traffic chaos, even where the roads have been improved to accommodate them.
The closest warehouse development is that at Grange Park, which already seriously adds to the traffic congestion in the area, despite road improvements to the M1 junction 15.
Usually, during the morning rush period, traffic is already backed up from junction 15 to Brackmills (another large scale warehouse/business development).
The traffic caused by a development does not just come from users of the units but from staff accessing their places of work.
With regard to the reduction of HGV traffic locally long term, this was also stated when DIRFT was created. This has not happened and indeed again just increases traffic in the area.
Coupled with this, DIRFT (another local rail freight interchange) is no where near full capacity.
How can another rail freight interchange be justified when the first is underused?

The area in question has a number of Rights of Way across it and is an area of countryside that is greatly appreciated in what is already an over developed part of the town.

Our village views of countryside will once again be disturbed. When will this unnecessary and over intensive development stop?