Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 18 July 2018
From Neil Leete


I am making my representation for opposition to the proposed development as a local resident. I will be directly effected by this proposal as my property is directly adjacent to the site on Collingtree road and will have huge physical, emotional, health and environmental implications to myself and my wife.
There are also very strong reasons to oppose the development such as the effect on the local road network and infrastructure which cannot cope with the current traffic demands especially durning morning and evening rush hours, local environmental effects including wildlife, air pollution and reduction in air quality, increase in local flooding due to inadequate drain away, noise pollution and light pollution. Personal Financial costs in relation to properties being effected.

There are other sites in my opinion that could be used for this type of proposal that would have a far less effect to the surrounding area, M1 J16 Would be one such location.

Our part of Northamptonshire is a beautiful part of the county with fantastic countryside and greenery, it also has a great and safe environment for recreation and family life. To lose all this would be devistating to the community and a blot on the Northamptonshire landscape.

Best regards