Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 18 July 2018
From Andrew Eames


I would like to object to this proposal for the following reasons.

1. The proposal would extend the scope of industrial development to the west of the M1 motorway, which currently provides an important boundary between town and countryside. This would contravene existing agreed planning principles.
2. It would irreparably damage the character of the surrounding villages, most of which are designated conservation areas.
3. It would destroy hundreds of acres of open countryside and mature trees, which are an important habitat for wildlife and birds.
4. It would spoil the character of the local footpath network.
5. It would inevitably increase throughput of traffic in local villages and narrow roads which already struggle to cope with the current levels.
6. It would lead to significant air, noise and light pollution in what is currently a peaceful rural area.
7. Since Northamptonshire has a high level of employment, it would inevitably lead to a sharp increase in commuter traffic from a wide area.
8. The Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal is only a short distance away, and it still has capacity for major expansion.