Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 17 July 2018
From Carl Bullwright


I would like to object to the Northampton Gateway Rail Interchange for the following reasons:

1.) Traffic Growth - we live less than a mile away from A45/Junction 15 link and it is already heavily congested at peak hours and often outside of them. There is already increased pressure forecast because of approved new developments expecting to carry 60000 vehicles per day by 2026. If the Gateway was built it would add an extra 16000 vehicle trips per day with over 4000 of these being diesel HGVs. The network simply can't cope.

2.) Pollution - the centre of Collingtree village already has pollution levels above the legal limits. As my wife is an asthmatic, the air pollution levels need to be reduced immediately not added to. There is also significant Noise and Light pollution already. The Local authorities are required to reduce all of these levels - not approve a plan that would increase them.

3.) Warehouse Blight - the county is already dominated by warehouses and the purpose of the designed DIRFT Rail Freight Interchange facility in Daventry is only 18 miles away and has underused capacity.

4.) Local Democracy - if approve this project would be imposed by central government using compulsory purchase powers rather than by locally accountable planning authorities. This is NOT a project of over-riding national importance.

5.) Loss of Countryside - over 500 acres of productive farmland and wildlife habit would disappear altogether with the rerouting of ancient public footpaths.