Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 16 July 2018
From Nigel Chandler


Ref Planning Application (PA) from Roxhill's, Northampton Gateway. I'm objecting to the PA, my objections are as follows:
1. The close proximity to the DIRFT complex a few miles up the M1. Another logistics park is not needed this close.
2. The promised employment is not needed in this area. Northampton has a low unemployment rate. The requirement to staff this complex could not be met from local supply. We would be in a similar situation to DIRFT, where workers are bused in.
3. I use Junction 15 to travel to work, southbound in the morning and northbound in the evenings. This is a busy junction, I regularly get held up at this junction. Even with the propose changes to J15 I can't see the junction been able to cope with the additional freight and staff traffic.
4. The effect on local wildlife would be devastating. There is a considerable amount of road kill on the A508. I can only see this increasing. Affecting in particular badgers and deer.
5. The area is a framland which has been farmed for centuries. This supplies habitat for local wildlife. Local footpaths would be lost across great countryside.
6. The noise, light and vehicle pollution will be horrific for all living close to the complex. 24 hours site operation requiring flood lighting, vehicle and train movements, including shunting operations will impact seriously on people's sleep patterns.
7. On my movement around the local area there are a number of similar warehouses standing empty. At J13 M1 there is a new warehouse complex, which has stood empty for several months now, still up for its first letting. Also there are building more in the area.
8. I would expect to see crime raise in the area, with truck and rail car theft. With this bringing opportunist thieves into the area, local housing would be targeted.
9. I've read several reports on rail capacity on the mainline and loop rails. The available capacity on the lines is very limited. Rail operators have stated to accommodate this complex, passenger traffic may need to be reduced.

This whole proposal is not one that is required in this area. I believe this proposal is against all local interest, and I strongly object to PA been granted to Roxhill.