Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 16 July 2018
From Jonathan Moulton


I categorically and strongly object to this proposal of another Rail Freight Interchange. If this were to be approved it would be yet another RFI within only a few miles of what is already a huge RFI that has the capability to support the needs of any rail freight interchange within the local and South Midlands area and is capable of being expanded for at least the next 10 years. So there is simply no need for this RFI in this immediate area.
Approval would only allow for yet another ROAD freight interchange being granted under the guise of a Strategic National Importance.

I strongly object for the above reason as my main concern; but with this I strongly object for all of the following knock-on effects and impacts it would have on the local area and community:

The local footpath network would be destroyed with existing paths in open countryside being diverted alongside the M1 and the main road between Milton Malsor and Collingtree.

There would be increased air pollution for the many thousands of additional vehicles using the local roads.

The local road infrastructure is totally inadequate in supporting the huge numbers of HGV's and other vehicles this “RAIL” freight interchange would require.

There is a very low unemployment rate in the Northampton area, any new jobs would only be filled by more people travelling in to the area on a daily basis- this doesn't meet the requirements of having a vast local development.

Increased noise and more specifically light and noise pollution at night would be unavoidable making local residents lives a misery having windows shut all the time; the area is at present particularly unspoilt by artificial light pollution.

The proposal of having huge earth mounds to disguise the development would in themselves actually be an eye sore and spoil the wonderful open views that presently exist.

The existing loop line is entirely inadequate in supporting the huge volumes of rail freight traffic that has been falsely claimed to be worthy of this new development.

The existing mainline is predominantly for the use of mainline passenger train movement and such would not be able to reduce its' passenger movements sufficiently in order to support such a RFI.

The Joint Core Strategy which provides for a planned balance of new jobs and housing states that only 3 strategic employment sites should be considered in the area- Silverstone; Dirft; and M1 Junction 16.

Finally, it is without doubt that the extremely vast majority of residents in the local area of almost 30 Parishes object to this proposal; but it is unfortunately unlikely that the vast majority will be able to object in this formal manner- either they do not have the capability to object online; they will have missed the deadline which has not been widely publicised (only by the action groups against the proposal); or simply because they have unfortunately been misguided and think it is inevitable and what is the point.