Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 16 July 2018
From Anthony Brinkman


There are some major concerns with the plan for the Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange plan which will have a negative effect on a number of levels which is why I object to this proposal.

The idea of a rail freight interchange is to get HGV traffic off the roads and therefore benefit the environment, with the DIRFT interchange very close by and the DIRFT site being expanded it is very unlikely that the proposed interchange will have a significant benefit to the area.

The area of the proposed interchange is currently an area of low unemployment which will mean the majority of workers will have to commute which will overload the current road infrastructure and increase the level of pollution.

The ensuing light and noise pollution will severely effect the lives of those living and growing up in the two close by communities of Collingtree and Milton Malsor. The air pollution from the 24 hour HGV traffic will likely effect the long term health of the two communities also.

The proposed site will close a number of footpaths and bridleways which will also have a negative effect on the habitat of local wildlife.

For the reasons above I strenuously object to the plan for a SRFI in the proposed area and consider the not ion that this is of strategic importance to be no more than a way of bypassing the local planning process.