Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 15 July 2018
From Ralph Baxter MBE


There are so many reasons as to why this proposal is so wrong.
Firstly, it's not needed. There is an underused freight terminal just up the road at DIRFT.

It is therefore quite clear that the rail link one massive red herring, designed to circumvent local planning authorities to decide whether a massive whare-housing facility should be built adjacent to its real target of the M!.

The amount of additional traffic on already overcrowded roads would simply cause chaos.

Simply putting in a by-pass for Roade and a little bit of dual carriageway will not improve things for people trying to get into and more particularly out of Roade.

Past experience of such developments (DIRFT) has seen a massive increase in crime, this should neither be ignored nor inflicted upon local residents.

In summary, there will be no benefits whatsoever for local residents and a massive disruption to the area in terms of pollution, loss of wildlife, footpaths etc for what - whare-houses.