Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 13 July 2018
From Alan North


I am opposed to the proposed NSRFI because of the damage it will do to the environment. Currently, when standing on the hill top at Blisworth, to the north east, Swan Valley, a large new industrial site (including many warehouses) can be seen near Junction 15A of the M1, to the south east Grange Park, another large new industrial site, again including many warehouses near M1 Junction 15 can also be seen. If the proposal goes ahead the view will be uninterrupted industrial warehousing for over three miles, a true vision of hell. Incidentally less than 10m years ago the same view was entirely rural. Words fail me.

Apart from the visual impact we must also endure noise, light and air pollution on a humongous scale. Traffic congestion in the area is already a major problem and even the most minor of the frequent issues on the M1 causes total chaos. Adding thousands of additional HGV movements to the mix would be total madness. Near full employment in the area will mean that the workforce will have to travel great distances to the site increasing traffic even more.

With DIRFT not 10 miles to the north is it really strategic to build another huge warehouse operation here. I am totally convinced that linking this operation to rail is only a subterfuge to get round the planning laws, at meeting they have no idea and I am certain, no interest, in how much rail capacity is or will ever be available.