Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 13 July 2018
From Andrew Warren


We would strongly like to object to Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange
Planning Inspectorate Reference: TR050006, for the following reasons:

1. Total loss of amenity in the surrounding area.
2. There is no strategic reason to proceed with this developemnt, whe DIRFT is only 18 miles North of this proposed site and you can see what damage has been done to the local area to DIRFT.
3. There will be massive increased road traffic, on already congested roads that are currently poorly maintained.
4. Dramatic severe loss of over 500 acres of important farm land and wildlife habitat.
5. Severe pollution to the local environment, reducing air quality, increased noise and light pollution at night.
6. Insufficient local labour resource, attracting non resident workers, again increasing traffic further.
7. DIRFT have seen an dramatic increase in crime in the local area, which will be repeated here.
8. The West Coast Mainline is already one of the busiest rail lines in Europe, which this proposed development will only worsen or even further development will be required.

To summarise, this proposed development is not necessary, not required, not wanted, badly thought out, misguided and is wasting a huge amount of tax payers money for the investigation.

Yours totally astounded.

Andrew Warren