Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 12 July 2018
From Anthony Lunch


I object to the proposed Rail Freight Interchange Northampton Gateway on J15 of the M1 Motorway.

There is no policy or evidence in the WNJCS to suggest the need for an SRFI on land in open countryside off junction 15 on the M1.

The need for an SRFI is identified in the WNJCS, as DIRFT off junction 18 on the M1 (18 miles from junction 15) where planning permission has been granted for logistics space and a new rail terminal. The WNJCS requires that any further SRFI development should take place at the DIRFT site and nowhere else within its three districts. (Daventry, South Northants & Northampton Borough areas). This MUST be respected.

In addition, I object to the potential destruction of hundreds of acres of local countryside. It was the beauty and tranquillity of this countryside which was a key reason why we moved here in 1980. Much of the beauty will be lost forever, needlessly.

The loss of farming land is also a concern, particularly at a time when we are striving to be more self sufficient.

The increase in traffic flow is a major worry. Local roads in Milton Malsor, Blisworth and around Roade are already congested with access to local doctors' surgeries being problematic at the best of times. I object to the noise, pollution and congestion that will become endemic to this rural neighbourhood, all for no good purpose.

I object to the light and noise pollution that will result from a SRFI including railway shunting, loading and unloading of containers, and the operation of an aggregates terminal. Also to the possible increase in crime that tends to follow the industrialisation of a rural area.

Finally, I deplore the destruction of wildlife habitat that will result from this proposal, with serious effects on the bird population.