Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 12 July 2018
From Kerry Dar


I vehemently object to the planning application submitted by Roxhill for the development of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange at Junction 15 of the M1.

As a resident of Roade village, I already endure high levels of noise, air and light pollution as a result of living approximately just 6 miles from the motorway. The surrounding farm land helps to disperse some of this pollution. 520 acres of countryside will be lost to this development and many local communities will be denied vital 'green lungs' that this space currently provides. As well as the loss felt by local residents, it will cause a devastating loss of habitat for wildlife in this area.

In addition to the large volume of HGV's and rail freight which will service the proposed SRFI, Roxhill have also claimed that the site will create 6,000 jobs. As this area has one of the lowest unemployment rates in this region, the majority of employees will commute to the site, adding to the volume of traffic on the already, heavily-congested road networks in this area, namely the A508, A45 and M1. A forecast made by The Department for Transport has warned of severe congestion between J15-J17 on the M1 by 2040 even without this development which will see an increase in vehicle movements in excess of 16,500 each day. 230

Furthermore, the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal is only 18 miles further north on the M1 and has an expansion capacity for the next 20 years. Due to this fact, there is no strategic need for a rail freight interchange at the current proposed location.

Whilst Roxhill's inclusion of a rail link to the Northampton loop line has allowed their proposal to be regarded as a 'nationally significant infrastructure', therefore by-passing local planning, Northamptonshire County Council Highways Authority have stated that the 'increasing freight services over the Loop might require a reduction in the passenger service to Northampton' despite the West Coast Mainline being the busiest railway in Europe.