Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 12 July 2018
From Julian Wills


I strongly object to this proposed development. The main issues behind this are to do with air pollution, light pollution and increased traffic. Collingtree already suffers from high levels of air pollution due to its proximity to the M1 and this development will increase pollution. The 24 hour nature of the development will cause significant light pollution in the villages of Milton Malsor and Collingtree. The potential for rat running is huge. Milton malsor and Collingtree are already a rat run from the A43 to A45 and this will increase. Many roads in the villages have no footpaths. The development will be very close to the villages of Milton Malsor and Collingtree with little buffer totally changing the character of the area.

I object to this development for the following reasons: Destruction of local environment, loss of countryside access, increase in pollution, increase in traffic especially in small villages right next to the development, change to local community by destroying the rural character of the area.