Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 11 July 2018
From Robert Jeffery


I object to the development of "Roxhill's Northampton Gateway rail freight depot" because;

1. There is no requirement for the future occupiers of the new warehouses to use the rail freight option at all. It could easily be used as convenient centrally located cheap warehousing adding even more lorry journeys than planned. It should be mandatory that the occupiers use the rail terminal at least for 40% of their freight.
2. The West Coast Mainline rail infrastructure in the immediate area and the UK doesn't have much capacity left to deliver more slow freight. Passenger trains will have to be reduced to make way for freight on the Northampton loop.
3. There is already an established rail freight depot 18 miles away (DIRFT) that has expansion capacity.
4. Noise, light and Air pollution is going to be bad. Especially as it will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and next to residential areas.
5. Staffing. Northampton and surrounding areas have very high employment and the warehouse companies are going to struggle to find staff without having staff commute long distances, thus causing more traffic.
6. If freight is being delivered via rail, then there will be 16500 additional vehicles on the main roads and will cause significantly more traffic, thus causing delays, pollution and noise problems. Even more traffic will be expected if the warehouse operators are not using the rail service. Major road improvements will be required, the road improvements suggested will have minimal improvements.
7. The site is currently fields and established wildlife areas with the rail line embankments acting as wildlife corridors. The site will remove these areas and the affect on wildlife diversity and habitation will be very damaging.
8. Increased flooding will happen due to minuscule attempts by the developer to capture excess rainfall, putting more flood pressure on parts of Northampton down stream that are already flood hot spots. Its obvious that the current suggested solution will not work and pass the problem on down stream.