Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 11 July 2018
From Alan Hargreaves


the outline of my principle representations/objections/concerns are detailed hereunder:-

1.The potential cumulative adverse impacts this will have alongside Dirft 1 2 and 3,together with Rail Central and impact on passenger and freight services at Northampton Railway station,potentially all sharing a very limited stretch of the WCML.
2.Raised pollution and air quality levels adjacent to Junction 15 Motorway M1,which already has air quality issues
3.Congestion issues on all adjacent roads in the immediate area
4.Ability to provide an available "local workforce"is questionable
5.Concerns that Rail Connectivity feasibility and practicality is yet to be proven.
6.The strategic location is questionable ie its relationship to Dirft3 which is still under construction,is there a proven need for a further SRFI in the midlands area...original policy identified several years ago that the Midlands area was well served with SRFI and since then several others have been approved....