Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 11 July 2018
From Jane Pretorius


I strongly object to the Roxhill Northampton Gateway proposal for the following reasons.

1. The increased road traffic of 16500 additional vehicle movements will cripple the road network in the area and will make my daily commute to and from work even move time consuming than it currently is. Already I have changed my working hours to avoid spending an hour in the car each way getting to and from MK.

2. The site will mean a loss of 520 acres of farmland and wildlife habitats and this is not acceptable! Many of the UK's native species are already under threat and we have a duty of care to preserve the wildlife to future generations.

3. The noise, light and air pollution will dramatically increase in the area from all the additional vehicles and the fact that the site would operate 24/7. I value the countryside and my health which is why I live in a small village and not a town and this development will snuff out yet another "green lung" impacting the health of everyone in the surrounding villages.

4. Experts say that there is no Strategic need for this development as it would only be 18 miles from DIRFT and I agree. The site is likely to just house more road freight warehouse operators that would not really need the rail connection. There is enough new warehousing along the M1 corridor by Milton Keynes!

The proposal is purely speculative on the developers side and goes against the government objectives and the developers are exploring an unclear policy on locating Rail Freight Interchanges for commercial gain!