Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 06 July 2018
From Peter Cosford


I am not unduly opposed to change , having lived in Collingtree for thirty five years , however I am vehemently anti this proposed development as we would be living in the middle of an industrial estate .
The first thousand houses to be built on green fields adjacent to the golf course have been approved and we expect many more to follow , swallowing up our beautiful countryside .
The Rail Freight Interchange development would completely obliterate the remaining green fields this village has access to .

Traffic incidents are already a major concern in the area and these will only escalate to unacceptable levels if this development is granted . If as suggested , a Roade bypass was to be constructed , the traffic to the M1 roundabout and the dual carriageway at Brackmills would arrive more quickly and in greater numbers , creating intolerable and dangerous congestion . Surely other local sites are available , with minimal impact on the vicinity eg. Junction 16 M1 and the expansion of the Daventry Interchange .

Pollution is a huge worry for all of the locals . I am not qualified to make a statement on this issue but would encourage a professional survey to be undertaken to elighten us all of how the development will impact upon our health .