Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 02 July 2018
From Jacquelyn Jones


I object to Northampton Gateway for a multitude of reasons including an unmanageable increase in traffic (regardless of likely road changes), noise, light pollution, air pollution adding to the already critical levels of nitrous oxide and particulate pollution around the M1 and destruction of the countryside.

My family moved to Milton Malsor 3 years ago choosing the lovely village for its beauty and rural setting away from cramped built up estates to give our little boys (4 and 6) a better way of life, growing up in a small close knit community with fresh air, dark nights with minimal light pollution and country land to play out on and go for walks.

We were so upset to hear of the plans as it will take away everything that we moved here to gain. My husband and I have lived in Northampton since studying at Northampton University some 20 years ago. We stayed as we loved the county for what it offered and the picturesque village locations around it, with reams of history still visible today. It has been a really disappointing few years to see the countryside gradually getting taken away from us as a county and Northamptonshire is getting more and more weighted with distribution depots and warehouses, ruining the beautiful countryside. Anyone now driving up the M1 through the county barely sees any of rural Northamptonshire, all they see is warehouses.

Having Northampton Gateway will not only be damaging to us as a community, but also to the county taking away its untouched beauty, which is what many of us here love. I understand that these developments are required but to have so much compacted in to a small space up the M1 will be awful. We moved away from this as visible from our last home in Wootton we had the warehouses spring up at junction 15. It almost seems that nowhere is safe.

We have to stop this going ahead for me, my family, my community and my county which I am proud to live in.