Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 04 July 2018
From Mike Skidmore


I strongly object to this development. There are two strategic Rail Freight terminals in Northamptonshire already & so I cannot see the need for any further such development.

If approved, this development will result in the loss of significant agricultural land & natural habitats for wildlife. Coupled with the above & points below, I strongly disagree that these natural environments should be sacrificed for this purpose.

Capacity on the relevant rail line is already under pressure & without further significant development of that (with the resultant land loss), it is likely that passenger services would suffer. There is a significant proportion of Northampton residents who comment to London & elsewhere daily.

If allowed, the development would no doubt result in significant additional road traffic both locally & also on the M1. Northampton must be one of the most congested, and therefore polluted environments in the country & this will only addd to that, adversely impacting on the quality of life for residents. Similarly, this stretch of the M1 is regularly over capacity & as such the problems will only be compounded, leading to drivers seeking alternative non motorway routes, creating further local congestion.

In summary, this proposals fails on many counts in my opinion and therefore I strongly object to it