Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 02 July 2018
From Gary Crook


This development is ill thought out, unnecessary, and would have a devistating impact on the local environment.
There is already a strategic rail freight terminal DIRFT less than 20 miles away that is not even at 2/3rds capacity, the road network around it is constantly being misused by overnighting HGVs who treat the surrounding countryside like a toilet and worse! The proposed road network for this proposal is ludicrous and will not be adhered to.
There is no capacity left in the network to supply the site with electricity it would have to be brought in via Northampton town centre which would be an estimated 2 years to complete and would severely disrupt the residents of Northampton, also this not mentioned in the proposal.
The horrendous size of these proposed warehouses is enough to question its siting let alone the impact of thousands of vehicle movements per day would have it terms of noise and air quality in what is a quiet peaceful village envrinonment.
The developers have not supplied an air quality impact assessment despite being requested as they 'don't see there being a problem'
They have been told that the development must not use the Northampton Road in any way however they have a roundabout in the centre of the Northampton Road linking the two halves together, and a proposed bus route bringing in the workforce they think will be from the surrounding area, which once again is completely without evidence, the unemployment rate is not conducive to this claim, and would lead to the same issues that the DIRFT complex suffers as workers are brought in by a fleet of mini buses from considerable distance.
The proposed siding is not long enough to to be able to take the freight off of the main line, and has rail track commented on capacity? the last modelling done on this issue found rail track stating that the line from Felixstowe was running at capacity and the chance of them allowing further freight on that line was zero.

I find the whole development nothing more than a speculative money making exercise.