Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 02 July 2018
From Katie Skilton


I am writing to voice my thoughts as to why I strongly object to the Rail Freight Development in our village.
I have 2 young boys and I feel that this will have an impact on their childhood with all the extra pollution, noise and environmentally!! We already have high pollution in this area due to the increased traffic used on the M1 motorway.
We are very fortunate to be able to live in a beautiful quaint English village which I fear will become a thing of the past in the UK if you continue to allow these eyesore warehouses to pop up on our countryside.
We often take walks through the fields and along the streams where this development is planned and often see nature at its best living in the beautiful surroundings and its things like this that capture the imagination of children and builds on their memories of childhood. Its a terrifying thought that their lasting memory of growing up in Milton Malsor was when the bulldozers moved in to build the Monstrosity that will ruin our village!!!!!!!!

I object strongly to the proposed development by Roxhill Developments Limited for a Rail Freight Interchange in Northampton.
This development will cause increased traffic issues in and around the neighbouring villages as well as on the motorways and their entry / exit junctions / roads. Our village in Milton Malsor will be used as a "rat-run" for traffic trying to avoid traffic jams at the junctions of the M1 at J15 and J15A as people try to sidestep jams at these junctions. Also an increase in the amount of lorry / truck traffic through the neighbouring villages (even if inadvertent) when the road structure in these villages is not suitable to large vehicles. We have a lot of young children (primary school age) in Milton Malsor who are often walking or riding around the village and an increase in traffic puts them at increased risk of injury.
We will be exposed to further increased pollution levels being next to the M1 as well as being next to a Freight Rail Interchange (effectively doubling our exposure). The sight needs to be further away from the Motorway to even out the amount of pollutants in the air.
Lastly it is a common belief amongst the community that what is really desired by this company is ware-housing capacity, and that the rail-freight interchange development is just a means to an end in this regard. Their is no money to be made with rail-freight interchanges, yet there is money to be made in ware-housing.
Milton Malsor is a small traditional english village with a soul. This will be destroyed if Roxhill Developments are allowed to proceed with their monstrous development.
I object to this development in the strongest manner!