Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 29 June 2018
From Darren Gay


There is insufficient consideration given to the local roads impact to the A508, A45 but also the already regularly congested M1.

Traffic flow study's should be completed on the M1 between Northampton and Milton Keynes, the A508 and A45 during peak times - the continuation of the M1 smart Lane should be completed prior to commencement of building.

an increase in traffic on the M1 and surrounding roads due to an increase in lorry traffic both during construction and then in use will result in times of gridlock.

The development plans should ensure that roads of Grange Park and Collingtree are not usable as rat runs when the A45 is congested.

The development is very positive for Northampton and the surrounding area BUT the already appalling road congestion MUST be resolved first.

What would be the point of freight interchange if the transport spends time stationary due to congestion.

Camera's should be installed to capture details of vehicles failing to obey the traffic lights. Lane hashing should be considered to prevent blocking of the traffic.