Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 30 June 2018
From Eileen Lawson


I wish to register my objection to the proposed Northampton Gateway (NG) SRFI of the following reasons

That the proposed SRFI will not contribute to the ambition of a regionally dispersed network of SRFIs. With DIRFT a mere 18miles north, NG relying solely on the same rail line access and having no access to any additional significant conurbation it will bring nothing new to the modal shift goal. It will however enable even more warehouses and "sheds" which rather than use the rail link will rely on an already stretched road net work.
I support the governments modal shift ambition but as Northampton has one of the country's largest SRFIs which is planned to grow further I see no benefit to the nation by us having another, in effect, next door.

Where will the workforce come from? There is a shortage of warehouse staff in the area already. So the employment will not benefit local people but mean that people will have to travel, by road, from further afield. As low to semi skilled work it offers very little to enhance the skills of the area and adds to Northampton's over reliance on a single industry.

I do not believe the proposed bypass of Roade will bring net benefit to the local residents. Indeed it may well mean that the petroleum station/ supermarket becomes uneconomic which would be a significant loss to the village. The A508 will become much busier producing noise and air pollution and the model for the revised J15 will become out dated far earlier than suggested

I believe the disbenefits to the proposal far outweigh the benefits when taking into account the loss of rural space, the increase in traffic both on the major network and the ripple affect into the local network and the damage to the local environment from noise light and air pollution.