Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 28 June 2018
From Jane Lawrence


I am a resident of Roade village., a village which will be affected by any application to site a Rail Freight Terminal in the area between J15 of the M1 motorway, the A508 west of that junction, and the A43 west of J15A of the M1 motorway.
My main concerns relate to LEVELS OF POLLUTION, specifically air pollution, noise pollution and light pollution. The proposed development will inevitably exacerbate air, noise and light pollution levels generated initially by construction traffic and then the increased levels of traffic entering and leaving the site.

(1) AIR - In relation to air pollution, it has already been established that legal levels of NO2, NOx, CO, SO2 and Particulate matter are regularly exceeded on the A508 as it passes through our village. Increased traffic will only add to this.

(2) NOISE - The developers have stated that the development will not make any significant change to the current noise pollution levels but they have not provided any hard evidence to back up this claim. As it is intended that the site will be operating 24 hours a day, with trains and HGVs entering and leaving the site, the developer's claim must be properly substantiated and if it is not, then further investigation is needed.

(3) LIGHT - The development site, together with proposed changes to J15 and the dualling of the A508 west of that junction will have to be lit and will necessarily add to the light pollution that the surrounding area and Roade village suffers.

(4) GENERAL - Initially the Developers stated that they would provide a By-pass for Roade village as part of the development, but now we learn that they are not intending to provide it until their RFT is generating a certain level of income, therefore the village would suffer increased heavy traffic during the construction phase of the RFT, during the changes to J15 and the dualling of the A508 south of that junction. I would respectfully submit, if it is intended that planning permission be granted, the permission is worded so that the developer is required to complete said By-pass before site construction is started and is unable to renege on its original commitment.