Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 28 June 2018
From Christopher Mair


I strongly object to this proposal. I have lived in Milton Malsor for 33 years, enjoying the beauty and rural tranquillity in this lovely rural village. Thus the reason why I chose to live here. I have retired and I am looking forward to spending the remainder of my days here. Having the Northampton Gateway SRFI "shoe horned" in, so close to the villages of Collingtree and Milton Malsor will increase traffic volumes in an already heavily congested and highly polluted area. Collingtree village adjacent to the M1 is identified as at maximum nitrogen dioxide air quality levels. Having even more lorries travelling in from all directions using the M1 will compound this even further. Furthermore, the noise and light pollution from such an operation working 24 hours a day seven days a week would be devastating, making my life unbearable.

I also strongly object to this proposal as it`s contrary to the West Northants Joint Core Strategy (WNJCS) formally adopted in December 2014. The WNJCS is the foundation for all planning policy in the area until 2029. There is no policy or evidence in the WNJCS to suggest the need for an SRFI on land in open countryside off junction 15 on the M1. The need for an SRFI is already identified in the WNJCS, as the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT). This is a 7.86 million sq ft site off junction 18 on the M1, (approximately 18 miles from junction 15) where planning permission, has been granted for logistics space and a new rail terminal. The WNJCS requires that any further SRFI development should take place at the DIRFT site and nowhere else within its three districts. (Daventry, South Northants & Northampton Borough areas) DIRFT is set to double in size in the next 10 years, and has gained planning approval for its third phase of development allowing it to expand until 2031. DIRFT is the largest, and is expected to remain the largest, SRFI in the country. So there is no need for the Northampton Gateway SRFI to be located nearby on junction 15.

The WNJCS was considered by an independent planning inspector appointed by the Planning Inspectorate, as part of the Examination in Public hearings held in April/May 2013 and March 2014. The inspector`s report issued in October 2014 concludes there is no need for any new strategic employment sites in open countryside, as there is enough land allocated in the WNJCS for this purpose, on junctions 16 & 18 on the M1.