Section 102A of the Planning Act 2008 - Request to become an Interested Party

WS010005: East Northants Resource Management Facility Western Extension

About this form

You may have recently bought, leased or gained an interest in land which is affected by a nationally significant infrastructure project. If you did not receive a notification from the developer telling you that an application for the project has been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate for examination, you can make a request to become an Interested Party so that you can be involved in the examination of the application. By completing this form you will be providing the information that is needed for the examining authority to decide whether you can become an interested party.

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  3. Details of the land (if different from person's postal address)

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    • Note: to find the plot number, please refer to the book of reference. This is published as part of the application documents. Please visit the relevant project page on the National Infrastructure Planning website.

    Interest in the land

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  4. Further Information

    Here you can provide us with more information about your interest in the land; for example the land registry title number and the date on which you purchased, leased or gained the interest in the land to which this request relates.

What Happens Next?

Once the examining authority has considered your request, you will be contacted by us to inform you about whether or not you have become an Interested Party.

Please check the form to ensure you have entered all the required information. If any information is missing you will be alerted about it when you click on the send/check button. The form will only be submitted once all sections have been completed.

When your form has been sent you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email then please check your Junk Email/Spam folder or contact the Planning Inspectorate giving your name, your postcode and the name of the project.