Hirwaun Power Station

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Hirwaun Power Station

Colin Turnbull


Request for comments on the following draft documents: draft Development Consent Order (clean), a track-changed version of the draft Development Consent Order and land and works plans.

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The following comments are without prejudice to any decision made under section 55 of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended) or by the Secretary of State on any submitted application.
Draft Plans
The individual Book of Reference (BoR) plots within the plans are not as easily identifiable ? it is not clear where one plot starts and another one ends. The suggestion here would be to make boundaries between plots more distinctive.
It is noted that some CA plots have now been removed from the plans. The applicant is encouraged to ensure that the BoR matches the plot numbers on the plans. For example if 1_MS has now been removed, the shift in the numbering of the plots needs to be consistent in both the plans and the BoR.
Draft Book of Reference
The following are general comments which the applicant may wish to consider:
- Reference should be made within the document to plot numbers and on which plan(s) these numbers are presented. This could be in the form of a column at the far left which references the plan for each of the plots.
- Details of addresses should be repeated in full throughout the document, rather than ?Address as at parcel 1_ER?, for example.
- Part 2 of the Book of Reference should not be split into Part 2a and Part 2b, rather a single Part 2 should be present.
- If there are no persons within Parts 4 and 5 then an overall statement should be present. For example, ?No land was identified which should be included in this section?.
Draft DCO
The comments on the draft DCO are attached. Please note that these queries relate solely to matters raised by the drafting of the substantive DCO Articles and Schedules, and not the merits of the proposal. They are not exhaustive, are limited by the restricted time available for consideration, and raised without prejudice to the acceptance or otherwise of any eventual application and any queries that may be raised by the Examining Authority if an application is accepted.

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